Cute of the day

Today's cute:

Often when I blow raspberries on Ivy's tummy she will wrap her arms around my head and rest her head on top of mine. Having my head hugged is cute enough, cute enough for me to say "Awww" out loud. Today she extended her arm out towards Kwojo, and wrapped it around his head too so that we three heads could all hug together. When I "Awww"ed out loud, she echoed my "Awww"s. A big Awwing head hugging for three sweet moment.

Yesterday's cute:

We went along to a little playgroup for just the second time, and met one of the playleaders for the first time. Ivy was quite quiet and shy for a while, staying close to me. Gradually she moved further away but would come back to touch base before exploring some more. After not long at all she was going to the other side of the room and not even turning to see where I was! So amazing to see her independence and confidence grow when she is allowed to do it in her own time and on her own terms. She felt so confident that she even climbed onto the lap of the playleader she had only just met. She took a real liking to her, following her around while she tidied up, and then demanding to be picked up by standing in front of her in the doorway and shouting ("Rah!"). Ivy didn't want to leave, and certainly didn't want to me held by me!

Bonus, unrelated to this post photo:

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