We have a walking baby. A toddler?!

Ivy has very quickly got the hang of the trolley (no more sticking her bum out and arms out stretched - glad I got that on video while it lasted!), even pushes one handed and lifts it to change direction.

She is also getting the hand of walking independently alarmingly quickly! I have been instinctively excited about this, and encouraging her to take steps. But I feel some sadness at the end of the baby era. I'm not sure I am ready for her to stop being a baby and start being a toddler! I felt a little panic yesterday when I realised that there is no going back: she is walking now. I tried to think of the ways I could discourage her but Kwojo brought me back to reality and pointed out that it would be cruel (my suggestion: sitting her down every time she stands up).

Yep, she loves her bells.

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