Ivy, recently

- Now signs "eat" as well as "milk". It's interesting that she can differentiate the two types of hunger. She is quite pleased with herself over learning the new sign, she even does it while she is eating and looks at us expectantly for confirmation. We sign back and say "eat" which makes her so happy!

- She understands pointing now, and no longer looks at your hand (thank you Steph for POINTING that out. Aha. Ha...). I think this means she is now more clever than a dog.

- Loves to dance and bounce. It is oh so sweet. On the last week of Rock-a-Bye (baby group we have now graduated from) she bounced herself for the first time by bending her knees, instead of just being bounced by me (during the bouncing song). Since then she has been doing this loads, supported and unsupported, with a big grin on her face. Her latest dance move is to twist her shoulders with her elbows sticking out. She does this to music, including my singing (!), or at any time just because she feels like it.

A sample of signing 'eat', dancing and bouncing:

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