I don't want it to be Autumn because that means it's no longer Summer. The main thing I dislike about Autumn is that it means Winter is coming. Just like my favourite thing about Spring is that soon it will be Summer.

Autumn would be likeable if it was pretty red leaves and sunny but cool. But today it was wind you have to brace yourself against, grey skies and drizzle. As we walked to the park my baby was scowling and Kwojo informed me that she was thinking "I miss the womb".

I just don't like the cold. The slight redeeming feature is hats. I do like wearing warm hats. Ivy has reached the hat wrenching-off stage. But I persist.

On sunny days we go to the park to sit on the grass and enjoy the weather. On days like this we go to the park because the playground is deserted. This was only the second time Ivy has tried out the playground and this time she loved it, especially the swing (although it did take her a while to decide what she thought). She actually seemed to like being swung quite high, and was even leaning in the correct way to swing herself!

First attempt at swinging, back in June on a day that felt a lot colder than it looks in that photo. Ivy was 5.5 months old and indifferent to the whole experience. She then tried to eat the chain. (Also, she looks so chubby! Like maybe she is too chubby to smile. THAT chubby.)

And today it strikes me just how long she looks.

Ivy was loving it!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!Ivy is so very long, I look forward to a couple of wintry trips to the park this autumn with you guys. x