Moments from our holiday

Day 1 & 2 of our holiday were lovely and hot and sunny. Day 3.. not so much. We mostly spent it sitting on the soft grass enjoying the view and the weather. Charlie made friends with the farm dogs and neighbour dog, and barked at the cows (bad dog).

We had a little trip to the beach at Beer. It took an hour to get there as we took a wrong turn and then met a few tractors coming the other way along narrow country lanes wide enough for only one. So we probably spent most of the drive there going backwards, and it took only 20 minutes to get back! Ivy sampled a few big pepples on the beach, and tasted the sea via one of them.

Not pictured:
Leo and I got a bit over cooked
Time to read the paper and drink tea
Everyone else watching tennis and I even played some
Essential morning coffee trips (there is a Boston Tea Party in Honiton and it's even nicer than the one in Bristol and even has tyre chairs!)

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