The Newborn Collection

Two weeks ago I finally admitted that Ivy's newborn size clothes no longer fitted her. I was pretty sad to have to pack away some of the tiny, pretty things that kept her warm in these early weeks. My favourites from her newborn wardrobe...

My squishy 10 hour old newborn in her Birth Day outfit. This came with a matching hat that was weirdly proportioned and never actually fit, so she is wearing the hat from the midwife.

This outfit was given to her and was the first girly thing she wore. Here she is at two days old being held by her Grandad.

Being held by her Grandad again at 13 days old. I love this purple elephant top from Haley. I tried to squeeze her in to it for as long as possible!

This cardigan still fits her (yay!) and was given to Ivy by Emmelie and Helen, knitted by Helen's Mum. The buttons went really well with this little purple sleepsuit with trees on it that she looked so lovely in. 17 days old and asleep on me.

She also looks great simply in white. Just over three weeks old.

Super neck control in purple and green stripes at nearly one month old.

More head control and stripes, this is another top from Haley which Ivy was still squeezing into at 5 weeks.

Her lovely cosy brown bearsuit, giving a wave at 5 weeks.

Striking a karate pose in her calf sleepsuit at 5 weeks.

And now I am having fun dressing her in the 0-3 and 2-4 month sizes, especially thanks to some preloved clothes gifted to Ivy.

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