In the beginning of my pregnancy, all of my creative energy dissapeared. My 365 project faded away when I kept forgetting to take a photo until late at night and ended up with some dissapointing pictures of things in my room - that wasn't the point of the project, so it ceased. With feeling sick all day everyday I lost all desire to cook and bake. I struggled to finish paintings for the exhibition and instead chose to exhibit those that were already finished. I even lost enjoyment in listening to music. I guess my body/mind was filtering out anything not necessary in favour of being able to focus my (little) energy on what really was necessary - and it saddens me to think of art as 'unecessary'.

I have been feeling well enough and energised enough to be able to reintroduce all this creativity back into my life for a while now, but I guess I am out of habit, and in a different environment, so it hasn't come back naturally.

I have a teeny weeny sewing machine that cost £12.99 so I am working my way up to making a baby quilt. As we are not yet in our own home, it's been difficult to find ways to nest and prepare to the new arrival - so making baby things is the way forward! My small practice projects so far have been a patchwork quilted coaster (x2) and a pencil case for Kwojo who starts back at uni on Monday. The first coaster is smaller and more wobbly than the second, it's exciting to see the improvement! It's also great to be finally using the Africa fabrics that Kwojo's Mum gave me.

And of course my body is being the most creative it ever has been or ever could be - I'm making a human :)

The baby project is 67.6% complete and expected to be finished in January 2011.

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