My studio as it is

With an essay out of the way, I got to have some quality studio time yesterday.
This is how it's looking at the moment...

My tutor said of the painting on the left "there's something interesting there". Typical art tutor vagueness! I am not so sure, the painting is a bit dissapointing for me. Mainly because of how her arms ended up, I like the way her face turned out and the body is interesting in that it's angular. It was kind of a more freely painted, in a way. And I used a lot of colours, which I like.

The little middle painting ended up being quite different from usual with quite thickly applied paint, also in a kind of more free way. I like his expression in it, I think I got the inquisitive look there.

The third painting I kind of love, and even though it's big it didn't take very long. I think I love it because it's of Tho, more than because of the painting. I do love the colours though, and the way his face pops out from the background. I still have some work to do on this to sort out the left hand corner, which is meant to be a hand... hands are not my strong point. I should avoid them. Although hands are what got me into drawing many years ago at school.

I thought it was time to paint a smiling kid, so that people don't get sad about my paintings. I don't want them to be sad, that is not my intention. I don't want people to pity the kids. This isn't some advertising campaign to get you too give money to the poor little orphans. No. Its about them as individuals, their personalities.

Anyway, the painting on the left is ok. I think it looks like he's smiling.

I like the painting of Baby Tam on the right. The colours are good, although more limited than in the painting above. I like her expression. And the painting felt quite free, although I think I did start to get a bit controlled about it after a while. It's tempting to tighten things up but I prefer they way they look loose. I always struggle with her arms when painting from this image, but I'm pleased with how they turned out in this one. Luckily, no hands here :)

And here is one I have been working on for a while. It's big, maybe the same size as the one of Tho above, but taking longer. This is probably because there are FOUR people in this painting and the others tend to have just one face. Also I have painted from the Tho image quite a few times, so I'm familiar with it. But I have only painted this Lam image once before. And did I mention there are four people?! I like it. I like all the colours in it but it doesn't feel messy like the Tam painting at the top. I keep having to restrain myself from over painting it, because I love how it is at the moment. I can't wait to see it finished!

In the first painting I did from this photo I left these two out. I was worried about painting them in because they are so small and the detail in the photo is quite bad. But I did it and I love how they came out :) And, while painting, I realised that this was a photo I took. And I realised that baby Thinh is being held by that boy but has twisted himself around and is looking at me.

And here it is with the beginnings of the background.

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